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How it works ?

Shipowner, you are looking for a crew,
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Expression of need

Your crew request will be analysed as well as how you want to set it up.


Submit your application on the « Seafarers » page by sending your CV and your references by clicking on « Apply! ».

Candidate search

We are looking for profiles corresponding to your business using of our base of seafarer, which is regularly updated.

Application validation

Registration of your qualifications, experiences and wishes in our database of seafarers.

Selection of candidate

We check references and select the best profiles, for then proceed with the interviews.

Job interview

If you meet a shipowner’s requirements, you will be contacted in order to pass job interviews.

Candidate presentation

The best candidates selected are presented to you. You simply have to approve!


You meet the criteria for the job ? You sign your maritime employment agreement and board the ship!

HR management and monitoring

We manage the crew depending on the service you have chosen. Click here.

Career follow-up

We update your experience in our database. We advise you on the development of your career.

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Rigorous selection of profiles

Rich and varied CV database

Relationships based on loyalty, knowledge and reliability

Recognized by the Caribbean

Innovative and certifying training

Available customer service 


Our commitment to your confidence

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